Innocents died the day that we stepped out from the waters onto the shores
we held our heads high to the west and claimed ourselves our own divine lords
I am not your enemy, I cannot pretend to be, someone who can help you help me
help us to help ourselves
Love will crown and crucify, roots us to the earth and sky
Comprehending...nothing sacred
Your loosing your balance, stepping over boundaries
this is not the way it was meant to be
you fell so desolent, insignificant
this is not the way it was meant to be
Skepticism, feeling jaded, your conviction is what you make it

Reached for the pen this morning or perhaps it reached for me
I could hear it speaking softly, bridge the gap and set me free
8 hundred thousand seconds have passed between us
and I'm constantly reminded so much remains
all these things that we believe, I find it hard to conceive
we're building up towers and too afraid to climb
building up towers and too afraid of heights
walking on rafters kicking dust to the floor
sifting through ashes of the dreams that were before
how do we save ourselves from ourselves
why even consider asking
we're so alone


Stalking footsteps
quietly up the stairs where no one sees
outside the doors he fights to breath
the perfect crime with sodality

Through the eyes a boy
their beating down the horse
stupid fucking cruelty
fever burns the core

Iron and wood
hides beneath, over coat pressed and clean
further up still no one sees
she waits behind lock and key
this is justifiably so
there is reason in this...
what shall we take in trade?


She twisting further up
like Jacob's latter
getting in my head
with her Cajun laughter
She's speaking softly
like mother to child
words from dead poets
slither from her smile
She's like a perfect painting
burning at her stake
to quick to remember
remembering to late

My Gemini
must you feel crucified
My Gemini
your punching
holes in the sky

She can hear the phantoms
they come right through
swimming in static
in hyper cubes
she's cutting clean
like a
consecrate the courtyards
in gasoline


Hear only what they hear
else take a way thy ears
See only what thy see
else take away thy eyes

Brain wash them
betray them
enslave them
and waste them

Speak only what they speak
else take away thy tung
and remember my child
these things are done in love


Hard rain coming down
and the crops are drowning
tho my hands are healing
rather they were bleeding

Rumors going round
worms are on their way
Rumors going round
this season they'll
be hell to pay

Gumbo seeping in
I know what it intends
it raises up as if to say
you can never leave


Highway runs forever
stories run together
out here keep on driving
reliving what your hiding

Never looking back

Devils in my engine
wheels of confusion turning
out here keep on dying
questions like flue keeps burning

SUN WRECKED          
Maybe I should have explained myself better
maybe I should have torn down these walls
but every time I try and speak, I swear my tongue just stalls
and we suffocate in unison
Sun wrecked...we're dusting off the summer
Sun wrecked...we're laying down for winter
Maybe I should've held back and walked away
Maybe these things could wash away like august rain
Sometimes it's all we can do to just breath in
and remind ourselves to breath out again

Loose your self and fall in love and as your lost you loose your fear
Time goes by and then you find your more afraid than you ever were before
Feeling an angel
Broken wings...desolent plains
Find someone to fill the space that's in your heart, that's in your bed
and when it's done and when it's said your more alone than you ever were before

Heaven is a junkyard full of souls
where angels brush their wings with sun dried bones
singing hymns through thunderclaps
Pulling leaves from the story tree
Locked down...think tank
It's yours you own it
De-evolutionized, I see us thrown back to the sea
God as the water, we as the fish
feed us leaves from the story tree

You have the audacity to tell me life's not worth living
too rigorous a struggle, might as well just give in
I'm sorry but I can't sympathizes
You need to see this is your life to modify
Give in to the downcast, give in to the guilt
It's not your fault it never has been
Your not accountable anyway
Can't break the restraints
The world owes us nothing
What's been done to you has been done before
Please understand it's a cruel selfish bitter place
Don't let it break you

Witter shins, street light fx
Hex over her nimble eyes
Eating up the applethorn
Transparent hands are opening doors
Little girls all dressed in pink
Demons eat them in their sleep
The streets of heaven are paved with gold
Street sweeper told me so
Summers sundays moving on

Sun wrecked, majestic, radiant, innocent
Here we are running parallel, stable now, able now
Child like innocents ,vast and mysterious
Conjuring all these things, make it real so I can feel



  Frequency Music